Table Tennis

6-7th July, 2017

Training Schedules

Competition Schedules

Technical Handbook


Lithuanian Sports University, Basketball Hall, Sporto str. 6, LT-44221 Kaunas


All athletes must show their accreditation cards with photos – without that card athlete cannot compete.


Technical Director                       Ms. Inga Navickienė

Head Referee                                Mr. Viktoras Stankevičius

Secretary                                        Mr. Romas Stankevičius

ICG TC                                            Mr. Kuo-Jui Lin


  • Draws shall be conducted by the Secretary and Head Referee, and published and disseminated with the assistance of the competition management personnel.
  • The Competition Management personnel shall occupy at least three tables along one side of the gym at floor level. They shall check players in, process and announce matches, produce and disseminate updated results, maintain match card and ball inventory control, answer inquiries, guard prizes and assist in their awarding, and produce final results and statistics.
  • Each city may enter maximum 2 boys and 2 girls (4) and a minimum of 1 boy and 1 girl (2).
  • One coach per city allowed.
  • Tables: 6 tournament-quality tables and nets
  • Balls: White 40 mm tournament-quality balls (Nittaku 3*** PREMIUM 40+, made in Japan)
  • Surrounds: Enough top-quality surrounds to meet the RIC court dimension
  • Glueing: Players needing to glue or re-glue their rackets shall do so only in the outdoor area designated for the purpose.


  • Rules in Effect: International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Regulations for International Competitions (RIC)
  • A total of 64 players are expected (32 boys, 32 girls); they shall be divided into eight groups.
  • All the players must be in the venue 50 minutes before the designated fixture.
  • All matches shall be best 3 out of 5 games; games shall be scored on the 11-point system.


Preliminary rounds (Group Stage–League System)

  • Each athlete will play all other athlete in his/her group once.
  • Boy’s tournament: 27 athletes will be divided into 7 groups.
  • Girl’s tournament: 22 athletes will be divided into 6 groups.
  • Two points will be awarded for a win, one point for a loss and zero point for a withdrawal.
  • The athlete ranking first-second place in each group will advance to finals.
  • The athlete ranking 3-4 place in each group will advance to consolation finals.
  • In the case of athletes in same group have the same number of points, the final standings will be decided by the ITTF rules

Final rounds

  • Allocation draw for 1/16 final will be held after prelimi­nary round of all groups finished.
  • Main draw final rounds (Knock-out Stage):
  • The 1/8 finals will be between the 7 group boys 1-2 place winners.
  • The 1/8 finals will be between the 6 group girls 1-2 place winners.
  • The quarter -final will be between 8 boys players  1/8 finals winners.
  • The quarter -final will be between 8 girls players  1/8 finals winners.
  • The semi-final will be between 4 boys player quarter finals winners.
  • The semi-final will be between 4 girls player quarter finals winners.
  • The final will be between 2 boys player semi-finals winners.
  • The final will be between 2 girls player semi-finals winners.
  • Consolation  rounds (Knock-out) ]


Any disputes will be resolved in compliance with ITTF rules and the clauses included in the ICG Sports Rules. Any disputes will be heard by the Protest Committee.


  • The ICG Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. Athletes and coaches will be excluded from the Games for indecent behavior, offence made through words and/or actions, violent behavior, and abusive language.
  • All delegations have to comply with any instruction given by the venue staff.
  • Coaches are responsible for the well-being and behavior of their athletes at all times.


  • The following Medals will be awarded:

GOLD – for player ranking first in the competition

SILVER – for player ranking second in the competition

BRONZE – for players ranking third in the competition.

  • Medalists should be present at the ceremony and must wear their team uniform.


A First Aid Service will be available on site.

Full Medical Service will be available at the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Kauno klinikos). Address: Eivenių str. 2, LT-50009 Kaunas

In case of infectious decease, medical service will be provided at the Clinic of Infectious Deceases of Kaunas Clinical Hospital. Address: Baltijos str. 120, LT-47116 Kaunas.


Technical meeting will be held at Athletes’ Campus (room No. tbc) on 5th July, 2017 at 8 a.m.

The ITTF website provides a copy of the latest ITTF constitution, Laws and regulations for competition.


Training schedule will be posted on the website by 1st July, 2017.

Pre-competition training is foreseen on 5th July, 2017

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