Football (Soccer) – Boys and Girls

6-8th July, 2017

Schedules Girls

Schedules Boys

Technical Handbook


Technical Director – Mr. Laimis Bičkauskas

Assistant Technical Director – Mr. Darius Šinkūnas

ICG TC – Mr. Hugh Waters, Mr. Zlatko Kauran


Head Referee (Boys’ Tournament): Mr. Šarūnas Tamulynas

Secretary (Boys’ Tournament): Mr. Darius Šinkūnas

Head Referee (Girls’ Tournament): Ms. Lina Skladaitytė

Secretary (Girls’ Tournament): Ms. Ugnė Šmitaitė


Boys: Kaunas Football School “Tauras”, Neries kr. 7B, LT-48353 Kaunas   Girls: Sports Centre of Kaunas University of Technology, Radvilėnų pl. 19, LT-50254 Kaunas


All athletes must show their accreditation cards with a photo; without this card an athlete cannot compete.

Competition information

  • Each team may consist of between 6 and 8 players
  • Teams will consist of 6 players, 1 of which will be a goal-keeper.
  • Maximum number of teams: 16 (could be up to 20 teams if there is demand)
  • One coach per team.
  • Shin guards are required for all competitors.
  • The venue is outdoor. Players must wear proper football cleats/ shoes/ boots.
  • Athletes are prohibited to wear neither any footwear with metal studs nor glasses/ sunglasses during a game unless sports/ plastic/ protective glasses.

Competition rules

  • The games will take place according to FIFA rules
  • Each game consists of two halves of 20 minutes each. Half-time break is 5 minutes.
  • Warm-up duration: 10 minutes.
  • The pitch size will be 50-55 m (length) by 40-45 m (width)
  • No offside rule will be operated
  • Game will be played with a size 5 official ball
  • Goal length 4,8-6 m and height 1,9-2 m.
  • Competition within the group is led by 1 referee.
  • Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Finals will be led by 2 referees.
  • A system of rolling substitutions will apply.
  • A timekeeper is required, controlling the duration of the games, using a horn/hooter as no injury time is allowed except in the Finals, which is at the discretion of the referee(s).
  • The area between pitches should be kept clear for teams and officials only, with spectators viewing only from the opposite side.
  • Throw-ins are allowed.
  • Slide tackles are not allowed (punishable with a yellow card) but sliding to score, or to stop the ball going out of play or to stop a goal, is allowed
  • Time penalties must be controlled by an official/referee at the side of the pitch
  • The normal football back-pass rule applies.
  • Goals cannot be scored directly from a kick-off.
  • In the event of a game going to penalties, any 5 from the squad take the first 5 before moving to the rest of the squad if required. The choice of the first 5 takers is from the whole squad.
  • A team which does not show up for their first game will be disqualified from the tournament but allowed to play the scheduled fixtures as “friendlies” at the discretion of the Tournament Director and the opposing teams.
  • Preliminary rounds (Group Stage–League System):
    • Each team will play all other teams in their group once.
    • Tournament: 16 teams will be divided into 4 groups.
    • Three points will be awarded for a win, and one point for a draw.
    • The team ranking first place in each group will advance to semi-finals.
    • In the case of the teams in the same pool have the same number of points, the final standings will be decided by the following order:
  1. Head to head between the teams concerned.
  2. Goal difference – the greater – resulting from the group matches ONLY between the teams concerned.
  3. Greater number of goals scored in all group matches ONLY between the teams concerned.
  4. Lowest number of goals against all group matches ONLY between the teams Concerned.
  5. If still undecided, the winner will be decided by a coin flip by the head referee.
  • Final rounds (Knock-out Stage):
    • The semi-finals will be between the 4 group winners.
    • The final will be between the 2 semi-finals winners.
    • In the event of a draw at the semi-final and final in the end of regulation play, there will be two extra periods of 5 minutes. If the game is still tied, there will be penalty kicks to decide the winner.
  • All the players must be in the venue 50 minutes before the designated fixture.

Disciplinary Rules

  • The ICG Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. Athletes and coaches will be excluded from the Games for indecent behaviour, offence made through words and/or actions, violent behaviour, and abusive language.
  • All delegations have to comply with any instruction made by the venue staff.
  • Coaches are responsible for the well-being and behaviour of their athletes at all times.
  • Players who receive a yellow card will be sent to the bench for two minutes. The 2 minutes commence after play restarts. Typical yellow card offences include: unsporting behaviour, dissent by words or actions.
  • Players sent off (red card) for any reason will be suspended for the teams’ next game. Typical red card offences include: serious foul play, violent conduct, abusive language.
  • If a team is permanently reduced to 4 players due to sending offs, the game will end and the match will be awarded 2-0 to their opponents, unless the score, as it stands at that point, is more advantageous to their opponents.

Presentation of Medals

  • The following Medals will be awarded:

GOLD – for team ranking first in the competition

SILVER – for team ranking second in the competition

BRONZE – for team ranking third in the competition

  • Medalists should be present at the ceremony and must wear their team uniform.

Pre-competition Training

5th July, 2017

Training schedule will be posted on the website by 1st July, 2017.


  • A First Aid Service will be available on site.
  • Full Medical Service will be available at the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences(Kauno klinikos). Address: Eivenių str. 2, LT-50009 Kaunas
  • In case of infectious decease, medical service will be provided at the Clinic of Infectious Deceases of Kaunas Clinical Hospital. Address: Baltijos str. 120, LT-47116 Kaunas.

Technical Meeting

The Football (Soccer) Technical Meeting will be held at Athletes’ Campus (Central University Building, room No.507) on 5th July, 2017 at 8 a.m.

The FIFA Website provides a copy of the latest Constitution, Laws, and Regulations

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