The athletes, coaches and HODs will be accommodated at the dormitories of the Campus of Aleksandras Stulginskis University (ASU), address: Studentų str. 5, Akademija, Kaunas District.

It is a compact and cosy campus which is located in a non-urbanized area near Kaunas City. The campus is surrounded by natural areas which create healthy, safe and pleasant space for work and leisure. Here children will enjoy the surroundings of nature, the valley fields of the Nemunas river, and other large field areas.

Accommodation in the Campus will be available from July 4, 8:00 a.m. until July 9, 12:00 p.m. (noon). Athletes, coaches and HODs will be accommodated in 5 dormitory buildings, all close to each other. They will be lodged in rooms by gender by cities, 2-6 persons in a room. Adults will be accommodated by gender, but they can be accommodated together with adults from other cities. NOTE: 20 Euros will be charged from you for the lost key of the room!

While in the dormitories, you will be provided with bedding (pillows, sheets, and blankets), towels, bathroom tissues, and soap. No laundry service will be available.

There are a few catering places, small shops and domestic service providers in the area.

Security will be present at the Campus at all times. You will be allowed to enter only the dormitory you are staying at as well as Information Centre, Medical Centre, Catering area.


Breakfast and dinner will be served in the area of the Campus. Lunches will be provided in packs at the sports venues. Please note that Heads of Delegation will be requested to register their team members for the next day lunch (i.e. to provide the number of team members that will be present at certain sports venues during the lunch time where they will be able to collect their lunch packs)

The first lunch will be served on July 4, and the last breakfast will be served on July 9. There will be coffee and tea facilities at the Information Centre in the Campus area.

Times for meals:

7 – 9 a.m. breakfast

12 – 2 p.m. lunch

7 – 9 p.m. dinner


The medical aid centre will be located in the Campus area and open throughout the Games. The first aid centres will be at all sports venues during the training and competitions times.



July 5, 7.30 p.m. at Kaunas Sport Hall (address: Perkūno av. 5, Kaunas). The Opening ceremony will be live broadcast on the Lithuanian television channel TV3. The coaches, HODs and athletes will be served dinner in packages before the opening ceremony. The teams must wear their official outfit and have their cities‘ flags, symbols, etc.


July 8, 6 p.m. at Kaunas Sports Hall (address: Perkūno av. 5, Kaunas). The teams must wear their official outfit and have their cities‘ flags, symbols, etc.


The Social Evening for the athletes, coaches and HODs will take place on July 6 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Campus area. The aim is let all the children interact, make friends, and get to know the culture of Lithuania. Later in the evening the DJ will invite you all to enjoy the party in the same area.


The general technical meeting will take place on July 5, at 7.30 a.m. in the area of the Athletes’ Campus (The Central building, address: Studentų str. 11, room 236).  The participation is obligatory for HODs and coaches of every team! The meetings for separate sports will take place afterwards (please follow the directions in the Central building).



Please wear your badges ALL THE TIME during the Games!

The digital badges will give you access to the sports venues, catering places, transportation (as well as city public transport), Games’ Opening and Closing ceremonies, sightseeing tours and other events.

NOTE: 20 Euros will be charged from you for the lost badge!


Wi-Fi will be available in designated areas in the Campus and sports venues. In addition, each of you will be provided with SIM cards (with telephone numbers) with 1 GB of mobile internet, 240 minutes for local conversations in Lithuania and 10.000 SMS (roaming tariffs will be applied for calls abroad).


Athletes, coaches and HODs will be invited to tours by auto-guided sightseeing buses during the Games.                  The sightseeing buses will take you to the most famous places in Kaunas for a tour of approximately 2 hours. The schedule of the tours will be available at the Campus. You will have to register for the tours in advance. The athletes will have to be supervised by at least one adult of their team (coach or HOD) on the tour.


Please be aware that tap water in Kaunas (and many other parts in Lithuania) is safe for drinking. Lithuanian tap water is among the cleanest in Europe and is perfectly drinkable (in Lithuania drinking water is produced from deep underground water resources, which are the safest, and water quality is tested on a regular basis).


Electricity in Lithuania is 230V (thus American or Japanese devices may be incompatible). Power plugs have two round pins.


The climate in Lithuania is continental humid. In Kaunas the average daily temperature in July is around     22 – 25° C (in evenings and at night it can be as low as around 15° C). Short-term rains are rather usual at this time of year.


A good transport communication by public transport allows fast access from the Campus to the city centre, recreation, entertainment and other objects (Bus number 18 and Mini-bus number 56 go to the city centre regularly).  In addition, the Campus is right next to the international highway Via Baltic (E67).  You will be able to use Kaunas City public transport (buses and trolley-buses) with your ICG badges free of charge from July 4 until July 9.


The official currency in Lithuania is Euro (€). You can also pay by bank credit/debit cards in most of catering/shopping/service centres.


  • Please maintain peacefulness on the Campus during your stay. No violence or bullying!
  • Please cherish the facilities and equipment of the Campus, keep your rooms clean and sort the garbage in the bins (available in each level of the dormitory and throughout the Campus area).
  • Please make sure all electronic devices are switched off when you leave your room.
  • Using grill, stove or any equipment with fire is strictly forbidden at the Campus!
  • Smoking, usage of alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden!
  • Please wash your hands regularly in order to avoid infectious illness spreading. Make sure you drink enough water regularly! Please alert us if you start suffering from any health disorder!
  • Please watch your valuables all the time!