Beach Volleyball timetable is changed due to weather conditions

On Wednesday morning the participants of ICG ‘2017 in Kaunas had their first trainings on the courts of the Nemunas island. However, because of rather cool weather the referees have made a decision to temporarily close down at least two courts out of four. As the chief technical supervisor of the competition Aurelijus Zuoza said, for now they have decided not to have the trainings and competitions in two courts.

The organizers of ICG  ‘2017 brought additional sand to the courts, but it did not bring the desired effect – there has been too much rain recently.

„We thoroughly analysed the conditions of the courts. This summer we have this kind of weather –permanent rain. Yesterday we had heavy rain several times, therefore two courts out of four are not suitable for competitions“, said A. Zuoza.

One of the courts that is closed down temporarily is not very bad. We plan that there can be games on it soon.

In any case, the ICG ‘2017 beach volleyball competitions that will start on Thursday will be held on two courts. We hope that on Friday all the courts will be suitable for the games.

„Soon the timetables will be changed. We will inspect the courts hourly and will act appropriately“, said A. Zuoza.