ICG opening – today!

On Wednesday evening a pompous opening ceremony at the Kaunas Sports Hall will launch the largest ever children sports event – the International Children’s Games (ICG’ 2017). The participants to the event, also called the children’s Olympics are already gathering from throughout the world, and some 1500 of them from 88 cities of the world are expected to arrive to Kaunas.

Wishes sport anger

On Tuesday, the Heads of Kaunas, organizers of the ICG gathered at the Kaunas Sports Hall that has been already arranged with the games opening ceremony decorations, to share their experiences in getting prepared for this major sporting event.

It is so delightful to see so many beautiful young people. A serious challenge lies ahead of you, young heads and hot hearts. There will be a lot of excitement, so I wish you to be able to handle that. But I wish you to have some healthy good sports anger – do not run to the playground unless you feel that anger. Just get somewhat furious in a good sense of the word, and everything will be just fine. I wish you all the best results, and as many as possible medals to decorate your chests, said the Mayor of Kaunas Visvaldas Matijošaitis, who on Tuesday transferred the flag of Kaunas to Laima Valiūtė, leader of the provisional capital delegation.

We pledge to do all in our powers to retain as many medals as possible in Kaunas’, said LaimaValiūtė.

Giedrius Bielskus, the General Manager of the S.Darius and S.Girėnas Sports Centre responsible for the organization of the games, said that the preparatory operations proceeded smoothly.

We started getting prepared for this largest children’s sporting event already last year, may be that’s why like all students we were short of just one last night. Exactly one month ago ICG controllers inspected all the facilities in Kaunas intended to host games activities. Then they had no complaints to us. In the meantime, the Commission was very strict – the delegates visited Kaunas and evaluated the course for the preparation on as many as five occasions. Our guests specifically liked Girstutis swimming pool, they called it the best had ever seen, and it is the venue for the swimming competitions. The epicentre of the Games will surely be the S.Darius and S.Girėnas Sports Centre. Fancy that as soon as the morning after the opening ceremony the sports hall will be here hosting the basketball competition. And in the vicinity, the best in the country athletics stadium will for three days host field-and-track competitions, says G.Bielskus.

A table tennis tournament will be held at the Lithuanian Sports University, and the judo competitions will take place at A.Sabonis basketball school. Sailmen will test their fortune at the Kaunas Reservoir, and football players will meet at the playground of the Tauras football school, and the stadium of the Kaunas University of Technology.

Medals – already in Kaunas

All the 130 sets of medals have already reached Kaunas.

In fact, the Organizational committee did not hesitate much, and the aurochs, (tauras in Lithuanian) the symbol of Kaunas was offered and accepted as the talisman of the Games. There were some discussions regarding the name, however, we decided that the name Tauras best represents the strong, sportive and noble spirit of Kaunas. And we were particularly happy when it was specifically Visvaldas Matijošaitis, the Mayor of Kaunas, that became the Godfather of the Talisman Tauras. Interestingly, the Tauras was inaugurated on the 19th of May, specifically on the Tauras’s name day. Tauras is represented also on the medals of the Game designed by Andrius Zubkovas and the team. ‘If I can put it that way, the medals are yet very fresh, as they reached Kaunas just yesterday’, says Giedrė Bernotaitė, Marketing manager of the ICG’2017.

The Kaunas crew in the Games will be represented by 70 sportsmen, the largest delegation in the Games. According to Vyginta Poderytė-Martinkienė, Deputy Head of the Sports Division of the Kaunas Municipality, teams from 88 cities and 34 countries will be arriving to Kaunas.

Pity, that because of some bureaucratic barriers sportsmen from Pakistan and Ghana could not obtain the visas and join us’, said the representative of the Kaunas municipality.

The ICG’2017 opening ceremony will be held on Wednesday, at 7:30 pm at the Kaunas Sports Hall.

The opening ceremony will be colourful, childish, youthful. At this opening event we will show to the children what is Lithuania about, its beautiful nature, and how beautiful Kaunas is; said Marijus Olekas, the organizer of the ICG opening ceremony.