Recovered from Serious Trauma the Football Player is Preparing for a Start at the ICG

This were the first competition of the season after exhausting preparation during the winter time. The 15-year old Edgaras Mačiūta made a swing and prepared to make a pass to a team mate in the penalty area. The young football player will never forget the sound he heard – the tearing muscle ripped off also a part of his pelvic bone, and Edgaras dropped off from the squad for a long time. The International Children’ Games (ICG ‘2017) will be the first start for Edgaras after rehabilitation that has lasted for as many as three months.

On July 4-9, Kaunas will have an exceptional possibility to arrange children’s Olympics, the so-called International Children’s Games that are held every year in still another city of the world. The right to arrange the games was won by Kaunas in the games held two years ago in Australia.

Together with Kaunas football team these games will also be attended by Mr. Mačiūta whose road towards the ICG was especially difficult and complicated. The young player, however, did not give up and after a 100-day forced break he will run into the field.

Trauma during the First Competition

All football players know how difficult and exhausting preparation for the season during the winter time is. Therefore, the championship start nearly amounts to a holiday. Unfortunately, this holiday for Edgaras ended up very sadly.

I wanted to make a pass, made a swing and heard when something cracked. I felt that something was wrong. I fell down. A medical professional run up, examined me, and immediately told that the competitions were over and we had to go to the clinic,” remembers Edgaras.

Doctors stated that the quadriceps muscle was torn off from the pelvic bone. During tearing, the muscle ripped off a part of the bone.

I spent four days in the hospital, followed by a 10-day bed regime at home. Simply rest and rest – no any load on the leg. Later I was applied procedures in a health resort for three weeks,” Edgaras remembers the long treatment period.

The trainee of Kaunas football school is frank: that it is difficult to live through the trauma experienced during the season start not only physically, but also psychologically.

We have prepared for the winder season very intensively and this was the very first competition of the season. I tried to prepare as best as you could, and then had a trauma during the first competition. It was very hard,” shares his memories the Kaunas resident.

Edgaras did not touch the ball for three months, and currently still continues the rehabilitation.

So far I have fear. Before doctors give me permission to strike a blow, I will not touch the ball. Forecasts are quite good – doctors claim that I will be able to play very soon. I have not even had any thought to give up football – I cannot wait and see the day when I will be able to return to the field,” assured Edgaras.

Not so much waiting is left – already at the beginning of July, Edgaras with team mates will participate in the ICG ‘2017 football tournament.

Competitors are Unknown

16 teams will take part in the boys’ competition. The Kaunas team in Group A will meet with teams from Mariboro (Slovenia), Montreux (Switzerland), and Olimpia (Greece) cities.

Kaunas residents have never met with teams of either of these countries.

Besides, no such format tournaments as ICG have been arranged in Lithuania.

Basically, we have not played such format football, when there are 6 players in the field – the gatekeeper and five field players. Maybe very long time ago, when we were very young, we played like that. In any case we will put all our efforts and try to prove to be successful as much as we can. We have very capable competitors in the group, what makes the game even more interesting,” stated Audrius Statkevičius, coach of Kaunas team.

Kaunas residents will accept competitors in their field on the Neris Embankment. “We will play in our city, Kaunas. This is a festival not only for children, but also for the whole city community. We will definitely have fun,” Mr. Statkevičius was convinced.

Besides, the Kaunas team selected the final eight players in a rather interesting way. “I could not choose those 8 persons who would be able to play in the ICG. We did so that the children voted themselves and this way we selected the players who would play in the tournament,” told the coach.